No sooner had TiVo sent us a pair of TiVo antennae than the company rolls out Universal Swivel Search, a capability that could add considerable search power to the already kick-ass interface. Starting with a program you already like, Swivel Search suggests others you might enjoy.


It also shows you a list of the actors in that program you like, and then you can "swivel" to other programs in which those actors appear, or actors similar to them. It can also give you suggestions based on other viewers' feedback, and also finds shows using tags added to programs.

This is a lot more powerful than TiVo's current keyword search, which requires you to tediously enter characters without a keyboard. It's a clever idea, taking advantage of the strengths of the TiVo interface. Available to broadband connected TiVo users, this new search feature lets you wander around programs that are broadcast, on cable, and even on the Web.

TiVo says it will begin rolling out this update today, and gives you the opportunity to sign up to receive it as soon as possible at this URL.

Universal Swivel Search Demo [TiVo]


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