Today at 8:52 PM Is Your Best Chance to Find an Online Date

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Researchers say that if you want to land a date online this year, your best chance will be tonight at 8:52 PM. Why 8:52 PM? Because the combination of going back to work and New Year's resolutions will make millions of people sign onto their Internet dating sites looking for a date. The more people online, the better your chances. You have less than an hour to find someone! Go!


Traditionally the high time for online dating site traffic is the holiday/new year season. According to the Daily Mail, on, "interactions between members over the past seven days were 11 percent higher than average" and 3.2 million people will go find a date online in January. And the most people that'll be online searching for a date will be online today, after work, after the holiday buzz and at the onset of a new year. At 8:52 PM. We all swear to eat better, live better and do everything better every year. We might as well game the system better to land us a date too. [Daily Mail via CNET, Image Credit: badahos/Shutterstock]

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