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It's Saturday. The hung over day after our Giz Gallery reader meetup, which went on late into the night with some Pizza and Xbox on the 103 inch TV with Giz Alum Benny Goldman doing his best Biggie Smalls karaoke. (Uh, if anyone got photos of any of last night's debauchery, could you email them to me? I forgot to take photos.) Chris and I are just finishing sweeping the floors and we're ready to have more guests look at our wonderful and weird collection of gadgets. It's all to help buy Toys for Tots. If you're in NYC, you have to come down. If not to see the big TV and say hello, then at least to see our special events that are happening today and today only.


Watch Matt and Adam face all comers in our Deathmatch for Charity happening at 1PM until they give up, and at 3PM, we'll do a live Will it Blend demo using our computer controlled Blendtec blender. While they haven't sanctioned this public showing of their fantastic shredder at work, I think if you bring some gadgets to destroy, I'll consider it.

Watch the proceedings—during daytime hours—on the live feed:

[Thanks to REED ANNEX and thanks to our benefactor]

Gizmodo Gallery

Reed Annex

151 Orchard Street

New York, NY 10002

Gallery Dates:

December 4th-7th


12/4 Thursday


12/5 Friday


12/6 Saturday


12/7 Sunday


[Read more about our Gizmodo Gallery here and see what else we'll be playing with at the event.]


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