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It's day two at the PMA convention, and Gizmodo is going into camera shock. But you know as well as we do that we still want more. First off we have that video we promised you guys of the Canon EOS-1D Mark III firing off shots at full speed. Also there is a visual-only hands on with the less then inspiring Olympus E-Pro P-1.

And like always, there's more to life then cameras. And in this case, Star Wars. Do you love both the mail and R2D2? Well then you're one lucky bastard, since the Postal Service has a whole slew of those big blue mailboxes dressed up as R2. And remember when we reported that Bose was going to be making an announcement about the TriPort in-ear headphones? Well it happened, and now all owners will receive interchangeable ear tips, a wire clip,and a lanyard. And Google is moving closer to scary smart status everyday; they have a patent that will take into account your location, time of day, and previous search history in order to help it "predict" what you'll search for. I can see myself avoiding searching for what I really want, just to spite Google and its good guesses.

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I am always a punctuation bitch but I rarely waste the time to say anything.

"First off we have that video..." should have been "First off[comma] we have that video..."

"Also there is a visual-only hands on with the less then inspiring Olympus E-Pro P-1." Should have been "Also there is a visual-only hands-on with the less-then-inspiring Olympus E-Pro P-1.

One out of three hyphenations is an F grade. Did this guy even graduate high school? Nevermind. I know the likely answer and it makes me angry. ;-\