Today Is The Last Day To Holiday Shop From Amazon, Without Prime

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If you're not a Prime subscriber (and you should be), then today is your last day to do your holiday shopping on Amazon without having to pay for expedited shipping. With Prime you can order as late as the 22nd and still get your free shipping, or pay the discounted Prime rate for one-day shipping on the 23rd. Of course, you can always sign up for a free trial of Prime and buy yourself a little more time. [Amazon]

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Amazon Student made this so worth having when it was $39/year. Mine ran out this October. But for $79/month, you get tons of free ebooks to download, a bunch of Prime-eligible shows to watch, and of course FREE 2-Day or $4 One-Day Shipping. A single movie for 1-Day Shipping would have cost $14 to ship...two on the shipment goes up to $21, then 3 goes up to $24, and so on. if you're a considerable user of Amazon, that amounts to 6 movies or video games shipped on their own...

Amazon, maybe you ought to make it easier on some of us and do a monthly rate like Netflix or Hulu Plus. Do that, and I will gladly sign up for it.