Tommy Oliver Leads the Charge in Hasbro's Next Wave of Power Rangers Action Figures

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If you’ve been waiting to finally complete your Mighty Morphin’ team in Hasbro’s six-inch scaled Power Rangers figure line, the wait is over. We’re about to get the O.G. version of Tommy Oliver at last, and he’s bringing some friends (and foes) to boot.


Just revealed at the ongoing Hasbro PulseCon livestream event, io9 can give you an exclusive first look up close at the next wave of the Power Rangers Lightning collection. The next three figures joining the line later this year are the aforementioned MMPR Green Ranger, Dino Thunder’s Red Ranger, and a Z Putty Patroller, also from Mighty Morphin’.

Although there have been multiple versions of Tommy released in the Lightning Collection so far—in his guise as the MMPR White Ranger, as the sinister alt-universe Tommy Oliver known as Lord Drakkon from Boom Studios’ Power Rangers comics, and even the “Fighting Spirit” version of MMPR Green from Dino Thunder—this marks the first time that the original version of the Green Ranger has been officially released in the line. As well as alternate hands, an unmasked (and headbanded!) head, and a special weapon FX piece, Tommy will come with both the Sword of Darkness he wielded while still under the spell of Rita Repulsa, as well as his legendary Dragon Dagger.

Also joining Tommy from Mighty Morphin’ is the updated Putty design from the show’s second season. The Z Puttys were the newer model drafted in by Lord Zedd (who has previously been in the Lightning Collection as a single-carded release and in a special anniversary two-pack) after he exiled Rita Repulsa. The Z Putty figure will come with alternate hand pieces as well as two FX pieces: one flaming fist attack, and an attachable chest piece to show the hapless mook being wrecked by one of the Rangers. Poor thing.


Rounding out the wave is Conner McKnight as Dino Thunder’s Red Dino Ranger. Like Tommy and other Rangers in the line, he’s got alternate posing hands and an unmasked head to go alongside a weapon’s FX piece and his three Dino Thunder weapons: the Z-Rex Blaster, the Thundermax Saber, and the Tyranno Staff.


All three figures are set to hit shelves from December 1, and will cost $23 each. If you can’t wait to get your hands on them though, they’re now available to preorder from Entertainment Earth and Walmart.


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