Tonight: Have a Drink on Giz and Ars Technica at WWDC 2008

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Hey there. We're throwing a WWDC party with our BFFs at Ars Technica tonight. So if you're going to be at WWDC as a reader, developer, journalist or just another fanboy, I'd like to invite you to come have a beer on us. Hope you can make it.




46 Minna Street

San Francisco, CA 94105



Wisconsin also drinks over 1/3 of the WORLD'S brandy (or something like that)!


"""It's rumored that [Wisconsin] is not only populated with beer swillers, but brandy slammers, as well. A few Web sites even reported that Wisconsin is responsible for 90 percent of the world's brandy consumption, so we decided to go straight to the source: Korbel, the top brandy maker in the United States.

"Wisconsin is our number one state," says Margie Healy, director of public relations for the California-based Korbel. "We export 385,000 cases a year, and 139,000 go directly to Wisconsin. That's one-third of our total production."

In any case, chances are that if you wander into any supper club north of Sheboygan, you'll see at least one brandy drink per table, right next to the jar of tartar sauce."""