Tony Stark Would Not Use Motorola's IRONMAN Android Phone

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Hey, look another Moto Android handset, codenamed IRONMAN. Maybe it's just the crappiness of the shot, but Moto's Halo-esque Calgary strikes me more. But like Iron Man, this thing is supposedly loaded.


The Pre-likeness goes beyond the shape and style of the slider—the front panel is touch-sensitive too. Besides that it's got 3G, Wi-Fi, a high-res camera and a "screamin' CPU." Okay, I'm starting to the like the idea of Android running on this a bit more. And besides, given Tony Stark's fondness for dinky LG handsets in the movie, maybe he would use this. What kind of phone do you think Tony would use, anyway? [Boy Genius]

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yeah, that looks an awful lot like Windows Mobile 7...or at least like every screenshot I've seen thus far of Windows Mobile 7.

Old image, or bad info?