Too Many Doppelgangers, on The Vampire Diaries

There are a lot of over-the-top supernatural soap operas on television nowadays — which may be why Vampire Diaries is working so hard to raise its levels of crazy lately. Last night featured three Nina Dobrevs — on screen together! — and two Paul Wesleys. Just watch this clip to see Nina working her butts off.


Spoilers ahead...

Once again, the humor in Vampire Diaries is the main reason to tune in — the scenes of the evil formerly-immortal Silas waiting for the bus and taking the bus were some of the funniest, creepiest bits the show has ever had. Damon's "Silas owes me a fusebox" is my new favorite Damon wisecrack.

But also, Vampire Diaries continues to throw out plot twists like meat from a wagon being chased by hungry hyenas. Here's what happened last night, in a nutshell: Silas and his long-lost love Amarra are both immortal and both want to die, so they do. But because Amarra is the anchor to the Other Side, the only way to rescue Bonnie from being dead is to find a new anchor — which our heroes conveniently do by recruiting Bonnie. (Too bad Bonnie has to suffer horrendous torment every time a supernatural creature dies. Oops.) You might have expected the Silas-and-Amarra storyline to carry on for another dozen episodes, and maybe Silas will stick around in some form, but this show basically resolved their main conflict with zero fanfare, in just the seventh episode of the season.

Unlike certain other shows — cough, cough — TVD can manage a frenetic, surprise-a-minute pace without suddenly introducing Demonic Santa or an undead Axeman without any prior warning. Of course, now we're left wondering exactly what the conflict for the remaining episodes of the season will be. The Augustine Vampire and his secret society? Or something else?

And in the midst of this insanity, the show still found time for character-based moments. Damon proves his love for Elena, pretty much moving Heaven and Earth to bring Bonnie back because he made a promise, dammit. Stefan kills Silas, at an inconvenient time for everybody, because he's freaking out with PTSD about his time spent in a quarry where neither Damon nor Elena came to rescue him. Katherine meets her daughter once again and completely blows off the chance to spend her last remaining months having a sweet reunion and revisiting old haunts — because she's just not capable of being a nice person after 500 years. Oh, and Bonnie and Jeremy are officially in lurve, which means something else terrible is going to happen to one of them, probably next week.

All in all, TVD is seeing the challenge from the dozen other "supernatural crazypants" shows on television right now, and is throwing down a bit of a challenge of its own.




I did not see Katherine as being cold and not nice as much as she didn't want the hurt of knowing she was going to die so quickly. In her mind, having her daughter not know her at all is better than getting to know her for a couple months only for her to die. You can see it in her expressions when nobody is's eating her up.