Top 5 Creative Uses for a Mac mini, Sort Of

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TechEBlog's editors have put together a list of the top five creative uses for the somewhat underexposed Mac mini. While I suppose they're all creative, one of them is pretty useless, so it'd probably be more apt to call it the top four creative uses for the Mac Mini, since the word "use" implies that it has some sort of purpose.


The DVR setup is actually how I imagined the mini would catch on when it first launched, given its pint size and processing power, but it didn't exactly explode on to the scene the way I had expected, either. The list:

  • Mac mini DVR
  • Mobile mini (a mini on wheels and my nominee for totally useless)
  • Mac Prius (cool)
  • UMPC mini (awesome)
  • DeLorean mini (too geeky for me)

Top 5 Most Creative Uses for the Mac Mini[TechEBlog]

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That DVR setup rocks. So maticulous. As for the DeLorean... yes, yes. We're all impressed that you have a 25 year old vanity car.