Top Secret Microsoft Product To Launch At Midnight

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Click to viewI'm told that tonight, at 12:01am EST (okay, so tomorrow), the division of Microsoft that launched the Xbox and the Zune will unveil something very special . What it is, we do not know for sure, but it's "something totally new coming out of the Entertainment and Devices division, and it's going to change the way people interact with technology." The email (which was not a tip but rather was mistakenly sent to me through official channels) also stated that "you really have to see it to believe it." How tantalizing.


The timing is good, since tomorrow is when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs get to point fingers at each other under the grandfatherly gaze of Grand Vizier Walt Mossberg, and in these heady iPhone days, Gates needs all the ammo he can get. But what the heck is it? We're convinced Zune 2.0 is still a ways off, but then again, what else would this division be up to? Stay tuned, and we'll get back to you with the details right around midnight.

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dangrossman says:

"@Kaiser: Do you think the Zune team has not been working on anything for the past 8 months since it came out? I don't think they laid all those people off...

It's a 80,000 employee company, there's plenty to work on more than one project at once!"

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