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Top This: Buffalo 29-in-1 Flash Memory Card Reader

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We're starting to warm up to these guys at Buffalo Corp., a Japanese company that's thinking of some great ideas and has already impressed us with its innovative Double Click Mouse today. Next, it tops all those other card readers with its astonishing MCR-C28/U2 29-in-1 card reader, priding itself in its ability to read just about any flash card that's ever been created, seen, heard of, or even hinted at.


Okay, okay, we'll list the card types the MCR-C28/U2 can read, but I'm warning you, it will look like an alphabet soup: Compact Flash I and II, all types of Sony Memory Sticks, xD Picture card, MMC, SD, microSD, MiniSD, RS-MMC, all the latest SDHC cards, and of course, last but not least, Smart Media. Hey, wait, this doesn't add up. That's not 29. How did they count these?

Anyway, Buffalo is even offering a pink one for the ladies, along with blue, black, or silver, with a pretty short-looking (just shy of 5 inches) USB cable. Still, 29-in-1, even if it's hard to count all of them, sure looks nice in a press release. Shipping in early August for $27.


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