Topher Grace Co-Edited the Ultimate 5 Minute Star Wars Trailer, Watch It Here

Luke and Leia flying through the forests of Endor.
Luke and Leia flying through the forests of Endor.
Image: Lucasfilm

What would happen if a Star Wars celebrity superfan sat down with footage from all 10 Star Wars films and tried to make a trailer showcasing why we all love the franchise so much? You’d get Star Wars: Always.


Star Wars: Always is a five-minute supertrailer, co-edited by actor/filmmaker/mega fan Topher Grace and editor/mega fan Jeff Yorkes, that is everything you love about Star Wars, and even things you may not, contextualized to showcase it all in best light possible. It’s excellent.

If you’re sitting here thinking, “Wait, THAT Topher Grace?” you probably aren’t alone. Yes, Grace is best-known for roles on That ’70s Show and as the first Venom, as well as the recent Black KkKlansman, but he’s also an accomplished editor. Several years ago he made a fan edit of all of the Star Wars prequels into an 85-minute movie, and recently took The Hobbit trilogy and chopped it down to two hours. This feels like the more digestible version of those, and one Lucasfilm probably won’t have too much of a problem with.

What do you think of the trailer?

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I thought I was a fan, but that’s the first I’ve ever seen that shot of Luke looking at the battle above Tattooine.