Torchwood Will Fill Your "Ooky Chanting Kids" Quota

A new ten-second teaser for this summer's mini-season of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood reinforces the show's "creepy children" vibe. Meanwhile, the miniseries has a synopsis... and a suspected airdate. Spoilers below...

The above teaser has been airing on Australian television, and also popped up on the BBC's official site.


Meanwhile, Torchwood star John Barrowman's official site announced that the first episode of "Children Of Earth," the new five-episode miniseries, will be previewed at an event on June 12 at the National Film Theatre. This leads some observers to suspect that the miniseries will air the following week, from June 15 to June 19. (We know for certain that the miniseries will air over five consecutive nights.) And the British Film Institute also issued a spoilery synopsis of the first episode:

1965: Twelve children are gathered on a deserted moor, before being surrounded by a harsh, bright light .... and then they are gone! Today: all over Earth, children stop moving. Stop playing, stop laughing. Then, as one, they begin to speak with the same voice, announcing the imminent arrival of a new alien threat. "We are coming...." As the British government closes ranks, it issues a death warrant against Captain Jack and Torchwood...

So what's the connection between a dozen children going missing in 1965, and every child on Earth becoming a zombie today? And why is the British government so desperate to cover it up? I guess we'll find out in a month and a half...



Hail hail fire and snow?