Torrented Copies of iWork '09 Come Laced With a Nasty OS X Trojan

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This may be a first for the Mac software world, and it's not cool at all: ill-gotten copies of iWork '09 circulating on Torrent sites contain OSX.Trojan.iServices.A, which is something you don't want.


The Trojan parks itself in your /System/Library/StartupItems folder with read-write-execute root privileges-from there it can phone home to a remote server and install additional nasties throughout your system. Right now, the only true fix is a full format and re-install, since its residual pieces can be spread far and wide. You can spot if your particular warez iWork is infected by searching for the iWorkServices.pkg inside the installer.

It was spotted security software company Intego, who have identified several OS X security threats in the past. But as far as I can tell, this is the first one to come piggybacking along with a popular software package many people are pirating (Intego says 20,000 downloads).

If you're in the demographic of folks pirating iWork '09 via BitTorrent, chances are this is as close as you're come to getting VD from an ill-advised Southeast-Asian sex-professional liaison (the online equivalent). Still, not a good precedent to set. [Intego]


Con Seannery: SAVE PONIES!

HAHAHAHAHA! Ha. Anyways, I bet you hipster douchebags aren't feeling so invulnerable now that another bit of malware has been found for your precious OS! This is gonna spread like wildfire because a good portion of you fools felt yourself immune to viruses and neglected to take proper security measures.