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Toshiba Libretto Hands-On Details Dual-Screen UI, Virtual Keyboard Layouts

Toshiba's dual-touchscreen Libretto is still waiting for its limited release, but the folks at Wow-Pow were apparently able to secure a localized English version early from Japan. It's still an expensive curiosity, but the virtual keyboard layouts are admittedly clever:

The rest of the demo doesn't seem very snappy, at times, which is somewhat troubling considering Toshiba dumped the traditional netbook-friendly ARM for an Intel Pentium U5400 processor. That said, web pages appear to load without much issue, and the 720p videos demo'd here run smoothly, even when stretched across the two screens.


Part two of Wow-Pow's video review here:

The rumored $1,100 U.S. launch is still uncertain at this time, meaning if you want one, you'll have to go through an importer like Conics and pay a $1,400 premium. [Wow-Pow via Liliputing]

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