Toshiba Says Blu-ray Victory Numbers May Be Fluke

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Click to viewAfter an NPD report showed Blu-ray had 93% of the market for that week, the Blu-ray coalition had good cause to do (or keep doing) the victory dance. But Toshiba's teary-eyed rebuttal makes sense, so we thought we'd share it:


During the week that is being singled out, both Blu-ray disc players and software were being given away for free with the purchase of 1080p TVs. It is also important to note that the instant rebate promotions that had previously netted Toshiba's players' MSRP's to $199 and $249 had actually ended on Jan. 5th - causing an increase in HD DVD's MSRP back to $299 and $399 during that same week.


It's true, you should never take the evidence of one fluke week as gospel truth, but we're not sure this defense is going to help HD DVD sales much, despite what Toshiba is calling "very positive sales trends" at the new $149 and $199 price points. (You know, the trends would be even higher if they were just free by the side of the road, but that doesn't make it a good move.) God forbid this format war actually comes to a freakin' end already! [Toshiba]

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Toshiba is just trying to save enough face to clear out their stock of HD-DVD players and movies. The format war is over, it is just a matter of Toshiba selling off their stuff so they can move on and build Blu-ray players themselves.