Toshiba T31 Ships with XP and Vista

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Has anyone else seen the episode of this season's Curb Your Enthusiasm when Larry David accosts a woman for not being able to make up her mind as she samples various flavors of ice cream? That how this Toshiba Dynabook T31 makes me feel. As the first laptop to ship with a copy of both Windows Vista and XP, those not able to commit to the inevitable future that is Vista can downgrade their OS to run XP through dual recovery discs. Otherwise, it's a standard Core 2 Duo laptop with a 15" screen. Despite our snarkiness, consumer choice is always nice. And the option to upgrade to Vista a year from now is pretty good, too. [akihabaranews]



Sorry man, it's XP land over here with the hardware I'm running, and it's flawless for my meager needs.

I have three old machines designed for it and three legal installs and that's fine for now.

When the time comes to bring my hardware into the present I'll take the plunge into Vista, I promise.

As for a choice on this, well why not?

Normally you wouldn't get a choice like that, but the reality of this particular situation calls for it.

Vista just isn't playing nice for everyone yet, as cool as it obviously is.

My personal choice has been to explore some of the flavors of Linux as an alternative that I can afford and make use of with my existing hardware, although my experiences have been mixed ones there.