Toto Apricot F5A: MP3 Toilet Seat With Ambient Light, Fart Killer

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Once you've installed this Toto toilet seat, all that's left is to decide what songs (or noises) you're going to load up on its embedded MP3 player. Of course, you could go ahead and listen to the pre-loaded sounds of a hummingbird, beach waves and such, but we're thinking perhaps "Working in a Coal Mine" would be more appropriate.


It does a lot more, too. Stick with us, it gets raunchier:

You get a few more luxo-sport features for your $1650 as well, such as a reading light as well as an ambient light to help you aim your stream in the dark of night.


Plus there's a fragrance dispenser that automatically freshens the air as soon as it figures out that you've stunk up the place. Now we're just trying to figure out why they named it the "Apricot F5A."

Cool, but we'd rather have the one that wipes your ass for you. Commenters, which songs would you load up on your toilet seat MP3 player?

UPDATE: Hey, wait a minute. This seat also has the Toto "Washlet" feature (movies here), wiping your ass for you by sending a stream of hot water that hits the perfect spot. That does it, this is the throne of thrones! -CW


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"You dropped a bomb on me" by The Gap Band

"The river of dreams" by Billy Joel

"Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen (for when they sit on your toilet seat).