Toyota Developing Solar-Powered Car?

Illustration for article titled Toyota Developing Solar-Powered Car?

According to The Nikkei, Toyota is working on more than just a Prius with a solar panel to run the A/C. They are designing a completely solar-powered car...though they intend to cheat a bit.


Nikkei explains that following their first operating loss in 70 years, Toyota wants to make an aggressive move in the market with a solar car. But to make it work with current solar efficiency, some of the car's energy comes from solar panels on the vehicle, but some of the energy also comes from solar panels on one's house. (Does that imply it'll plug in to the wall as well, sans solar?)

According to the report, Toyota also hopes to release a real 100% solar car (not needing the house part) in the future. And we hope so, just to watch all those haughty Prius owners be usurped. [AP via Jalopnik]



That thing looks a little hard to get into. Regardless, I'm glad that they are pushing for new technology.