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ToyQuest Touch Table Turns Your Little Treasure into a Baby Bill Gates

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Given how delicious we all think Microsoft's touchscreen table, the Surface, is (apart from the $10,000 price tag) here's a more basic version from ToyQuest. The Touch Table EES (that stands for electronic education system) boasts a 21-inch touchscreen from which you can play games and DVDs (hmm, very educational). It does redeem itself somewhat, though. Find out how after the gallery.


There's also a Google Earth-style globe for you to bone up on geography—and work out where Bill and Melinda's malaria millions are being sent. There are built-in speakers and AV/USB/SD inputs, but no internet connection (so no tabletop pr0n surfing while Nannie occupies herself with the ironing). Cost is $499. [TechEBlog via TechAmok]