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Looking for a cheap way to get your hands on a new Xbox 360 Elite system? The guys at Gamestop are giving out some pretty good discounts if you're willing to part with your old Xbox (and I don't see why you wouldn't).


They'll give you $50 for an old-school Xbox, $200 for a Core Xbox (sans hard drive), and $250 for a Premium Xbox (with hard drive). Not a bad deal at all.


UPDATE: We spoke too soon. Turns out that if you eBay your used Xbox 360 you might fetch a few extra bucks. GameStop has the better deal on the other systems, but you can sell your Premium 360 for $300-$400 on eBay (if you throw in some games). It's not as easy as bringing it to the store, but you'll get an extra Benjamin for going the extra mile.

GameStop Offering 360 Elite Trade-Ups [Kotaku]

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