Trajectory for a Hacked Spacecraft

What will happen to ISEE-3 if the reboot team manages to hack their way into communication with the abandoned spacecraft? Here's a video of the planned trajectory that would redirect it into position to use it's still-functioning instruments to do a lot more science.

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Want to support the reboot? The team is still accepting lunch-money in their efforts to crowd-fund the recovery, and has a wish-list of documentation they're trying to locate. Anyone happen to have a copy of GSFC Document ISEE-733-74-001, Revision C, dated 28 June1976, International Sun-Earth Explorer - A/C, Electrical Interface Specification, tucked away in their garage?

Make and Popular Science both have more details on how the reboot team is trying to communicate with ISEE-3, and how, if successful, citizen-scientists will be able to access the spacecraft's instruments.

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done, i like this instead of bitching about the lack of science, it's worth $10