Transcend Ski Goggles Feature Cyborg HUD

Illustration for article titled Transcend Ski Goggles Feature Cyborg HUD

Not even Bono can pull off wearing huge glasses to use a HUD through life. But ski goggles? They're practically designed to look ludicrous. These Zeal Recon Transcend Ski Goggles display GPS, speed, altitude and more in real time.


Available this fall for between $350 and $450, Transcend goggles are a partnership between two companies: Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments. The result is a pair of goggles that contain hardware to measure speed, altitude, time, temperature and GPS coordinates—a slew of information that's displayed through a HUD. Charging and data transfer occurs over USB.

Buttons on the side of the goggles will allow you to scan through information on the ski lift, which will be especially useful as Transcend gains additional promised functions, including trail maps, cellphone display integration and video recording.

There's no doubt about it—the Transcend goggles sound a bit too good to be true. But we're childishly refusing to temper expectations while waiting impatiently for fall. If these things actually worked, I'd wear them just, like, on the street. No snowboard required. [Transcend and Zeal Optics via RedFerret via CrunchGear]


Broken Machine

Motorcycle visor version please....

How I would love to have speed, gear#, and music info right in the visor..... mmmm