Transparent Opus Speaker Cables Bring You Audio Nirvana for $43,000 a Pair

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We learned a lot from the feedback we got from the story about those "danceable" $7,250 cables from Pear Cable. Besides a complete reinforcement of that concept of a sucker being born every minute, we also found out the Pear Anjou cable's $7,250 price is a downright bargain compared with the prices of these Transparent Opus MM SC cables, where a pair of 25-footers will run you a cool $43,000.


One of the most astonishing accomplishments of the Transparent Cable Company is how it gets "reviewers" to play along with its con game.


This is from the Transparent Cable website:

"We are also pleased that so many members of the audio press have chosen to write about Transparent Cable. While our upper-end products seem to garner the most attention in the sheer number of reviews written, audio experts write about our more affordable cables, too. Reviewers everywhere agree that Transparent products at all levels deliver superb performance and great value for the asking price."

The asking price of $43,000 for a pair of cables?! What the hell has happened to the audio industry? We're just wondering why they're futzing around with cables, when they could be advocating 50,000,000-watt amplifiers for sale for millions of dollars. Soon, they'll be talking about quantum mechanics. Oh, wait, maybe they have already. [Transparent Cable]

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Broken Machine

I find it interesting that at a certain point, somebody had a "ridiculous price" in their head for something. I know I can't even imagine every wanting to spend more than a few hundred bones on wiring up an entire room, but yes, this crossed that line for me.

I'm not an audiophile. I use a receiver *gasp*, not an amplifier, and it cost less than $2K. Really, the base end when you look at the spectrum of cost of equipment. I do have VERY high grade cabling, though it was not high cost. For the $7K wires I can understand someone spending the money, and can even understand why they might. For $43K, I cannot.

In my mind I cannot imagine why anyone would spend $1Million on a house, or $100K on a car, but they can't understand why I have multiple $8K bicycles. That doesn't make me a fool because they don't understand bicycles, just as it does not make someone a fool for purchasing those wires either. To each his own.