Trash Can Urinal Is a Disgusting Solution to a Disgusting Problem

Drunk people! They pee everywhere. So what is a town to do, about all this urine? How about they install public urinals, disguised as trash cans? Yes. How about that.

The Wheelie Bin Urinal concept, which I shouldn't have to tell you came from England, came from England, the only country where public micturation is subject to stylistic regulation. It looks like a normal trash can you'd see on any street in the UK, except for a curious, and curiously labeled, little portal. This is for your junk.


As you can see in the video below, given that they were probably planning on peeing in public anyway, people don't seem to reluctant to mount the Wheelie Bin Urinal. But it isn't magic: at da end of da day, you're still stuck with a trash can full of piss. Or, if this is any better, piss and straw. [DesignBoom]

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