The couple’s regular readers have expressed concern for the couple, and some who have randomly met the couple on their journey across the world have showed their support.


One Instagram comment posted on Friday reads:

We met these guys a couple of years back in Northern Territory. Lovely genuine people. Our thoughts are with you. Hope you get back home soon


But there has also been plenty of criticism by commenters who say that the couple should have known better about flying a hobby drone in Iran.

As another commenter on Instagram said today:

These instagramers are a disgrace. No care about the laws, regulations or culture of the countries they are actually visiting. I visited Iran a few years back and its one of my favourite countries I’ve ever been too. But it doesn’t take a genius to release you don’t fuck around in those countries. Flying a drone new Tehran is just plain stupid. Flying a drone without permission in any country can result in a jail term so I hope they are locked up for at least a while so they can reflect on how stupid they have been.


There have also been plenty of trolls, doing what trolls do, and sending hateful messages on their various accounts.

Experts who have spoken to Australian media outlets warn that it’s possible the couple could be detained indefinitely, even though the Australian government is reportedly working to get them released.


“Our families hope to see Mark and Jolie safely home as soon as possible,” the couple’s families said in a joint statement obtained by the Australian newspaper.

“We have no further comment to make at this stage and ask that the media respects our privacy at this difficult time.”