Treadmill Desk Promotes Hamster-itis

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Developed by both Steelcase, a furniture manufacturer, and James Levine from the Mayo clinic, this treadmill desk allows you to game, work or just look at salacious pictures on the internet and "work out" at the same time. The functions should be pretty obvious from the picture. As silly as it sounds, if we could buy one of these for our offices we probably would—sitting in front of a computer for 18 hours of the day doesn't promote any sort of fitness regime anyone but the fat ladies on The View would recommend. [Time]


i wonder if any of the testers experienced any vertigo effects after stepping off the treadmill after going thru powerpoint presentations for 2 hours. or how about telecon and the whole time you are talking you sound like you are out of breath or just gasping for more oxygen. or video conferencing and well, that just speaks for itself.