TrekStor Renames iBeat Blaxx After a Bit of Self-Flagellation

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Click to viewFollowing yesterday's letter to TrekStor, purveyors of the dubiously-monikered iBeat Blaxx MP3 player, we received an email from Gil Szmigiel, Vice President of TrekStor, effecting an immediate name-change to something a little less offensive. See the email after the jump.

Dear Gizmodo,

TrekStor is shocked by the way our new MP3 player's name "TrekStor i.Beat blaxx" is perceived. Of course the word "Beat" is not meant as a verb, but refers to the beats of the music you are listening to. More than 4 years ago, TrekStor introduced the i.Beat MP3 player series that today consists of more than 25 different players - all named individually. "blaxx" was chosen, because the player is designed with an elegant black piano finish.

As a reaction to the bad connotation of the name, TrekStor decided to rename the product "TrekStor blaxx" - effective immediately. We sincerely apologize to everybody whom we offended by the initial name of this product and want to emphasize that TrekStor condemns violence and any form of racism.

Mit freundlichen Gr


Best regards,

Gil Szmigiel

Vice President / CTO

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This is what happens when you let Cleetus, Bobby-Joe-Jim-Bob and Earlene name your product.

Cleetus: Whut d'ya thunk we oughter name this here thingy-ma-jig?

BJJB: Huh? Didja say beer?

Earlene: Hush up know I can't heard whut Cleetus is yappin' on if'n youse is yammerin'!

BJJB: Dag nab it, I knowed I heard someone say beer! Aww.....see! You done got me so exciterd I done spit out my good toof!

Cleetus: Haw haw haw!

Earlene: I'se goin' home!

BJJB: Get me mah beer 'fore you leave!

Cleetus: Aw hell....just keep the iBeat name and add Blaxx to the end there. Blaxx sounds like one of them there technology thingys. Now, where's mah chaw and mah beer? Aw heck-fire! Who done spit theys tooth in mah chaw?