Look, when it broke that Trent Reznor was going to be involved in the soundtrack for The Social Network, I knew it was going to be good. And when I saw The Social Network back in 2010, I knew the soundtrack was good. But I only just sat down and really listened to it the other day and holy shit you guys, it is dope.


As you probably already know, the whole thing is this sort of sparse ambient electronic soundscape sort of jam, and perfect for when you need to do some good, meaningful typing. But the second track "In Motion" sticks out in particular for just being straight-up incredible. Between the eminently type-able (and dance-able!) bass part, constant building intensity, and repeated "do-do-do-do" arpeggio hook, this song is just perfect for getting AMPED about something. For getting amped about anything! Listen to it and get excited with me! Ah! Music! Hell yes! [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]

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