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Tron For iPhone's Multitouch Multiplayer Mode is Awesome: Four Hands, One iPhone

Illustration for article titled Tron For iPhones Multitouch Multiplayer Mode is Awesome: Four Hands, One iPhone

A well-implemented Tron for iPhone is cool enough on its own, but most impressive is this version's incredibly cool approach to multiplayer: a vertical splitscreen puts both players' hands in the game at once. Updated

Credit goes to Japanese devs Pankaku, who have several other nice-looking music apps. The game's called Light Bike, and it's not in the store yet, but it will be soon-a free version is single-player only, and the multiplayer version (which can also play over wi-fi with up to four players-two on each phone) will cost a few bucks. [YouTube]


Update: The free (1-player) version has hit the store, multiplayer paid version to follow shortly. LightBike (Lite)

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johnthevulcan wants tattoo swag

i am so over the 9 page limit... sure i dont use half the apps there but there too cool to delete... i want an folder app that'll put several apps in a folder type icon on the home screen, maybe one for fart apps, another for tip calculators an then maybe i can use the 9 home screens for the paid apps..... did anyone else delete $8 bomberman in lieu of a free app?

*bomberman for iphone is a fart app