Tron Legacy brought in Pixar to spruce up Tron's digital soul

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Some people would think bringing in new writers is a bad sign. But when you're bringing in Pixar's most respective creators, we think it's a very good sign. So where did Joe Kosinski's Tron need a little cleaning up?


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that late March, the Tron filmmakers screened a rough cut of their film for "Pixar's John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, The Incredibles director Brad Bird [and] Toy Story 3 screenwriter Michael Arndt." After the viewing, they asked Pixar for help in the areas where they excelled, and the movie may have been lacking in the areas of "character, emotion and theme." Sounds like a perfect problem for the Pixar crew to handle. In response, director Kosinski hired Arndt and Bird to rewrite a few script pages for their planned reshoots. According to EW it only lasted six months, and the original writers were also very involved.

Disney's president, Sean Bailey, commented on the collaborative effort saying, "What I give Joe and the filmmaking team immense credit for, is this was all born out of how do we give the fans the best movie we can. We were very fortunate that Pixar wanted to play a part in it."

Normally we'd freak out a little about late-in-the-game rewrites, but this all happened in March. And it's Pixar. From the sound of it, the screenplay needed a little emotional boost, and Pixar has demonstrated time and time again that making films with a lot of heart is their specialty. We only wish Pixar could be hired as a consult on a lot of other crushingly hollow blockbusters.



Acquiring PIXAR is one of the single greatest things Disney could've done for itself, and for avid moviegoers.