True Blood Blu-Ray Discs Automatically Tweet About Your Vampire Fetish

As if there isn't enough social networking spam already, the True Blood Season 2 Blu-Ray discs come with a feature that allows people to automatically share their vampire obsession on Twitter and Facebook—complete with "transformed" photos.

The entire mess sounds more annoying than all the FarmVille requests and Justin Bieber tweets in the world combined and twice as weird:

As viewers watch discs, an update such as "(your name) just came out of the coffin to watch Episode 1" would be sent to Facebook and Twitter. Fans also can earn virtual gifts; a viewing marathon might earn a vampire royalty crown.


Geez. If you force me to see messages like that in my Twitter Stream or Facebook Feed, please realize that I'll put you right back into whatever coffin you crawled out of. [USA Today]

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