Don't worry, he's got vampire business to keep him busy.


Con: Sookie and Eric end the evening boning on Bambi's front lawn. How cartoon birds didn't land on Sookie's extended hands, I'll never know. Thank you for destroying my first ever real look at Eric having sex, True Blood. Afterwards, Sookie fed, burped, re-diapered baby Eric, and laid him gently back into his baby bed cubby.

Do you know how long Some People have been waiting for a longer Eric sex scene? Do you know how many times Some People have fantasized and thought about how fantastic an Eric sex scene would play out should his ass be given the same amount of screen time as Bill's? Some People sat through vampire dirt sex for this scene. Some People needed a carnal putting-on-every-out-fit-in-your-closet-just-so-he-can-rip-them-off-then-possibly-raiding-the-basement-storage-for-your-old-prom-dress-sex just so they could get through another week of standing and waiting in the third-ring-of-hell hot subway station without stripping off their clothes and screaming RUN WITH ME PEOPLE, TO THE MOUNTAINS. TAKE OFF THE CHAINS OF HUMANITY, RUN FOR GOD'S SAKES RUN.... Some People just needed that instead of Thumper's big night out eskimo kissing.


Some People is me.

A few of these screengrabs were taken from Shadow of Reflection a great place for True Blood screengrabs!