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True Me is a system for Internet-based authentication using fingerprints, and it's said to be the first on-demand authentication system to be released. It has a cool-looking fingerprint sensor that plugs into your PC, and eliminates the need for entering passwords, user names, or anything else. It's a service of Pay by Touch, which has already made a few inroads into fingerprint authentication schemes, with its biometric payment network currently in place at 2400 retail locations in 44 states.

We've been hearing a lot about fingerprint sensors lately, none of which have really caught on as of yet. Come on, somebody, develop a secure universal fingerprint reading system that we can use everywhere. Is this it? We'd sure like to eliminate pins, passports, IDs, secret questions, and all that other silliness that goes with authentication. Who knew a simple question, "Who are you?," could be so difficult to answer.


Product page [Pay by Touch, via Biometrics]

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