Illustration for article titled Truly Scare Neighbour Kids with CNC-Carved Geek-o-Lantern

With just one day to go, the novelty Halloween pumpkins have been slowly building up: but I say none of them, none, have the scariness factor of this. It's a geek head pumpkin, geekily precision-carved using a geekily cool open-source DIY CNC machine into a genuine geek pumpkin. OK, so the last part is a lie, but the rest is real: check out the video of the carving in action. It's like a mini babyfood maker colliding with high-tech electronics.The process basically involved converting a photograph into a grayscale image and thence to a depth-map g-code image, compatible with Lumenlab's open-source CNC mill. One suitably flatish and carefully positioned pumpkin, 20 minutes of drilling action later, a little air-spraying to push out the milled pumpkin pulp and voila: geek-o-lanterns. Much more likely to put the wind up visiting kids than naff old triangular eyes. [Lumenlab via Hackaday]


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