Trumpet Hero Would Have Been Very Popular in the 1940s

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Do you like music-based video games, but find the instruments that they incorporate are just too cool? You don't dream about being a rock star, you dream about getting beat up behind the bleachers after marching band practice. You have no use for guitars! That's where Trumpet Hero comes in. Trumpet Hero is basically just a trumpet hooked up to a computer. And it really makes sense, since a trumpet has only three buttons on it, lending itself quite nicely to being dumbed down for video games. But you can see how one could actually learn how to play the trumpet via a video game in this way. Unfortunately, it has three less buttons than a Guitar Hero controller, so while it does work hooked up to the game, I'm not quite sure how you can play with it without failing every song. Alas, the trumpeter gets screwed again. [Flickr via Make]


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Although the trumpet (cornet) has only 3 valves (creating a maximum possible combination of 8 positions, or 8 notes, which isn't even a scale — a trumpeter varies the way he blows into the mouthpiece to create a much higher range of notes. So it's more than just pushing buttons!