Watching Firefox Mobile (Fennec) has been frustrating. First, it arrives for Nokia tablets. But who uses Nokia tablets? Then, for Windows Mobile, which is dying. Thankfully, Fennec for Android—its only viable platform, for now—is coming along nicely.


It's obviously, and literally, not quite up to speed, and it'd be a pain to use as your day-to-day browser. But now that the Windows Mobile version of Fennec is all but dead, it's heartening to see Firefox on Android making decent progress. And I think I like the drag-the-menus-in concept more than traditional menus. I think. The prospect of Add Ons, though:

That's unequivocally fantastic. Anyway, download Fennec for Android (I believe just 2.0+) here. [XDA, SchirrmacherThanks, MarcusMaximus]

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