TSA to Transition From Metal Detectors to Whole Body Scanners

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While the TSA introduced whole body scanners as a means to search passengers posing a greater security risk (like those who set off metal detectors), they now plan to use the invasive technology on everyone.

Apparently the trials at 6 airports have gone so well that the TSA would like to have all passengers "go through the whole-body imager instead of the walk-through metal detector." In other words, everyone who gets on a plane will be seen quasi-naked.


The TSA is quick to remind the public that the technician is "off-site" and unable to associate your grey naked body with your real, grey naked body.

Swapping all metal detectors to whole body scanners should make that 3oz liquid rule a thing of the past, but with each scanner running $100,000 to $170,000 apiece, the upgrade won't exactly be free. And really, I think the TSA should be paying me if they expect to see my naked behind. At least then I'd know the money was worth it. [NYT and Budget Travel and Getty Images]