TSX-140 Desktop Audio System Gently Awakens Owner with Their iPod Tunes

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Yamaha's new TSX-140 desktop audio player has a simple, soothing schtick: If you use it as a musical alarm, it will gradually awaken you with a host of audio options. Let's explore!

As the image betrays, the unit is obviously compatible with the iPod touch and iPhone 3g/3GS/4, as well as MP3s played from a USB stick or your FM/AM dial.


Two 3.5 inch speakers provide the tunes, which can be delivered in the aforementioned "slow to rise" manner described above. Called IntelliAlarm, the system lets you select the audio source and then awaken gradually thanks to some proprietary high frequency filtering technology and volume management. Eventually, should you not rise (but are still alive), the system beeps.

Additional details, via a press release from Yamaha this afternoon:

The TSX-140 offers a USB mini-B connector that facilitates iPod/iPhone syncing to a computercwhile charging in the dock. In addition to the illuminated buttons oncthe top panel, three front panel controls give access to source, volume, radio presets, alarm clock and equalizer functions. LED indicators show which function has been selected for simple, fast tuning. A brightness sensor automatically adjusts all display LEDs to suit the ambient light level.


The unit will set you back $400 and can be purchased in black, brick or gray.