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Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Tiny Macintosh Computer While it Charges

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Turning the Apple Watch on its side while it’s charging overnight puts it in Nightstand Mode so you can always see the time. But with Elago’s amusing new W3 stand, instead of a tiny alarm clock, your Apple Watch becomes a miniature replica of the original Macintosh computer on your bedside table.


Made of soft silicone so it won’t scratch or mar either version of the Apple Watch, the W3 stand features a slot to hold the wearable on its side, and a cable pass-through for the induction charging dock, which you’ll need to provide.


For just $14, available in black or white, it’s a fun accessory, particularly for anyone who eats, sleeps, and breaths everything Apple-related. But if Apple allowed for third-party watch faces on its wearable, this tiny Macintosh could even be made to look like it was running an equally tiny version of MacOS. If there was ever a good reason for Apple to implement that feature, this is it.


[Elago via Cult of Mac]

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