Do smartphone-wielding citizens of the world need an excuse to snap more selfies? Absolutely not! And yet, against all odds, there is something undeniably charming about Imoji, an app that allows you to turn your face—or anything you've got a photo of—into a little textable you-moji.

It's super easy to use: Sign up; choose a pic from the web or your phone, or take one in the moment; eliminate the background with a Photoshop eraser-like tool; save it; and you're good to go. Drag it into the middle of the screen and it's ready to iMessage to the world at large.


Not keen on your own dumb face? It's possible to see what's popular:


Or search by keyword (see "drake," with a very, very special selection, pictured here):

I'd recommend doing a few and mystifying your pals before they catch on.


Not staged! Sent with zero explanation; received the perfect response.

This is admittedly pretty goofy and will likely lose its appeal (quite) soon, but for now it's a decent little distraction to add a something different and dopey to your chats. [imoji via Laughing Squid]