Turn Your Food Into Poop With a Cloaca Machine

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Why bother digesting, when the Cloaca machine can do it for you?

What goes in must come out, or at least that is the case for the Cloaca (which we originally posted about last February), a machine that literally produces a good old Number Two. Designed by Belgium artist Wim Delvoye and first exhibited in 2000 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, the machine was fed twice a day and then the digestive process simulated resulting in this beauty:

After the machine is "fed," the food is ground up. Digestive juices (acid, etc.) are added and, after a spell, the machine pushes out a nice (somewhat solid) doodie. Want to see it in video?

And for the more mobility inclined, the Mini Cloaca is way more portable, though it can only consume a small meal. Either way, we'd be remiss in our Taste Test if we ignored the ultimate food...errrr poop machine. [Cloaca via Boing Boing Gadgets]


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