Turn Your iPhone into a Super 8 Video Camera

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There are already a ton o' vintage camera apps for your iPhone but this Super 8 app (which ties in to the J.J. Abrams movie of the same name) is as full featured and fun and free as they come.


Not only does it let you shoot video (with front facing and back facing), you can change effects and filters by swiping across the camera case in mock fashion (it's more fun than it sounds) and play the video by pulling down a projector screen (complete with old school styled buttons). Come on, we all know it's silly fun to add flickering and scratching film to make your 2011 shot video seem vintage. Best part: Free (for now it says). [iTunes]

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One thing I noticed is that the app inserts footage into your movies. I guess stuff relating to the movie?? JJ Abrams is really big into ARG's as witnessed by Fringe and its ARG.