Turn Your Puny DSLR into a Hyperspectral Beast

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The last time we visited the lovely realm of hyperspectral imaging, it was with regards to the killing of Osama bin Laden. Now, researchers at the University of Vienna are toying with it for learning.

A hyperspectral camera—which picks up chemical traces and electromagnetic marks invisible to the human eye—is typically the kind of thing only the Pentagon can afford. But those Viennese scientists say they'll get it down to under a grand with a homebrewed adapter. How'd they do it? Ordinary hardware store parts—PVC piping, a gel filter—ordinary stuff within the reach of any non-CIA analyst. The images captured aren't quite stellar yet, but it's a start—let's hope that in a few years this will just be another dial on the back of your cam. [University of Vienna via Engadget]