TViX M-5100SH: Trashcan-shaped HD Player Exactly Like Last Week's TiVX M-4100SH

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Last Friday we mentioned the M-4000SA and its fully H.264-capable brother the M-4100SH. Well, apparently the M-4xxx series' mom is like Cartman's and they also have a secret sister: the M-5100SH. This 3.5-inch hard drive HD player is just like the M-4100SH except for a higher price tag, which will buy you its Tron-like trashcan shape. Hit the jump for a big picture of the back showing all its private parts and the quite amazing technical details.

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For $439 the M-5100SH will give you exactly the same H.264 decoding and DVD .iso image playback, thanks to the Sigma EM8623 processor, the same HDMI output and the same Full HD 1080p ouput as the M-4100SH, which only costs $359. Even the distributor points out this fact in the product order page.

Like the 4100SH, the 5100SH also comes with two USB 2.0 host ports, one USB 2.0 target port, Ethernet, Multi I/O port, S-Video, composite, component and digital audio output via S/PDIF and coaxial.

Full specifications

Main Chipset: Sigma Design EM8623
Video: Formats: WMV9 (DRM, WMV9 Pro & Advanced Profile Not Supported), WMV HD (DRM Not Supported), AVI, MPG, VOB, MP4, ASF, TP, TRP Codecs: MPEG 1/2/3/4, XVID, H.264, AVCHD Camcoder, DiVX
Resolution: Up to 1920 x 1080P including 1920 x 1080i
Photos: JPG
Audio: MP3, WMA (lossy only), AAC, FLAC, OGG, PCM, M4A (DRM Not Supported), Multimedia Digital Sound, DTS Pass Through & Down Mixing
HDD: SATA 3.5"
Connectivity: USB 2.0 Host (2 Ports) USB 2.0 Target (1 Port) LAN (10/100 Mbps) ODD Support FTP, SAMBA & NFS SHOUTcast Internet Radio Optional USB Wireless LAN Optional Digital Tuner
A/V In/Out: Video: Component, S-Video, Composite, HDMI Audio: Digital: Coaxial, Optical/Analog: Stereo
File System Formats: NTFS, FAT32
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese, Korean
Memory: Main: 128 MB Flash: 16 MB
Power: 90~240V Free Voltage
Dimensions: 131mm (diameter), 185mm (height) Weight 1280g (w/o HDD)
Subtitles: Text Subtitles: SMI, SUB, SRT, SQT, AQT, UTF, LRC Image Subtitles: SUB (with IDX)
VFD Display: 7 Alpha-Numeric Character, 5 Numeric Character Display

As I said a few days ago: yummy, although I'll pass on its looks and go the M-4100SH route instead.

Product page [Tvixbox]


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uhh....what was the marketing plan here? know...its worked for apple so far.

Ipods are pretty much the same...nano, mini, old ones... they are just a different shapes. And of course different memory. But they all serve the same function.

I guess its the same things...