Tweet-Generating Website Knows You Better than You Know Yourself

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If there's one single problem with Twitter, it's crafting that perfect 140-character dispatch—so arduous. The impeccable balance of wit, brevity, and pop cultural references is so tricky! Not anymore. This site mines your Twitter archives for source material.

The appropriately-titled That Can Be My Next Tweet! generates semi-fresh material based on whatever drivel and insight you've cranked out in the past. And it works. Eerily so. The tweets it's generated for me are more realistic than ones I've made myself. It's as if it's reached its webby arm down my throat, into my barely-pulsating soul, and tickled the nerves that're responsible for Twitter-based folly.

A few example auto-tweets:

Unceasing, sanity-undermining banging and iPad version? WHAT TO THINK Just ordered my vacation This seems?

Yeah sometimes I stumbled upon this. Hour early to Xxplosive ; .@_RebeccaBlack_?

Gotta rub it can't play infinity blade, dummy. infinite regress Fuck these tweets themselves are mean to!

NO, YOU'RE RIGHT, IT'S NOT ASKIN' ANY QUESTIONS The J train is the pantsuit?

Care to see how high are some pretty great thing I've used that nauseates me Sometimes I had a CloudApp?


Dreamlike. Semi-sensical. Sort of terrifying. The site is less a Twitter toy than a disturbing peer into my subconscious.

[via Annie]

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Hmm, a tweet-generating website you say? Isn't that what gizmodo has turned into?

For example: []