Illustration for article titled Twisted Soul Guts Super Famicom Cartridge to Create USB Hub

I'm all for mods, hacks and whatnot, but this SNES USB hub goes too far. Removing the innards from Mario Kart, just for a USB hub? Surely, Hong Kong 97 deserves such a fate, no?


But in all seriousness, it's not like you have to gut a classic to create this DIY hub. And, in defense of the creator, his materials list does state that the cartridge was already broken before descending upon it with knife and Dremmel. I apologize.

In the end, this is a quick and dirty little project, comprised of only three ingredients and requiring minimal tools and expertise. Just don't hack up anymore classics if you make this your Sunday project. My innocent childhood memories beg it of you. [Instructables via Gearfuse - Thanks, Daniel]

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