Twitter Finally Lets You See Just How Few People Are Faving Your Tweets

After quietly testing out its handy new analytics dashboard just over a month ago, Twitter is officially opening the service up to the rest of the world. And the results can be—er, kinda depressing.

The widespread release was confirmed earlier today by Ian Chan, a front-end engineer at Twitter:


Now, any tweeter with an account that's been live for at least 14 days can head over to and see just how many people are ignoring them and their innermost thoughts. For instance, our own Eric Limer has upwards of 500 people choosing not to interact with him in any way, shape, or form.

Our Urbanism Editor, Alissa Walker, has even more people actively choosing to pass on by.


Don't worry—I, too, am utterly alone in this world.


As is our generally-but-apparently-not-always-beloved Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan.


So now that we all can join in, head on over to Twitter Analytics and commiserate with us down below. Because friends, our days of blissful ignorance are over. O brave new world, that has such willfully ignored tweets in't. [Twitter Analytics via Tech Crunch]

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