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Two Dudes Buy Abandoned Island on Craigslist (And Need Your Help!)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you picked up your very own secluded island wilderness, you might be tempted to use it for something zany, like an evil lair or a nude drinking reserve. But two Kickstarter chaps want something more noble: an artist's hideaway.

The Rabbit Island project envisions a small artist's residency on the otherwise untouched Michigan sea spot—a self-sufficient cabin and studio. And nothing else. The island will stay as it's been since it was created (a long time ago!), and give those who visit it a place to contemplate the sublime, watch birds, and other fun wilderness activities. But this requires some things that cost money.


That's where you (maybe) step in. To pay for the requisite boat, gear, and materials, Rabbit Island needs $12,500 over the next nine days—and they're halfway there. Giving artists, if only very few of them, a peaceful, beautiful place to do their thing is a great goal. Much better than funding the 900th Kickstarter iPad stand or something. [Rabbit Island Kickstarter via TreeHugger]